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  • Leather Cutting Workshop

    Using our molds and scissors prepared in line with modern designs, we cut the leather parts that will form the upper part of our shoes. Each piece of our leather, which takes shape in the hands of our careful masters, is carefully examined and the right pieces are cut to be used in the right parts of the shoe. Leather qualities are checked during cutting once again in our production line, where many kinds of leather are used, which are checked during purchase.

  • Saya Sewing Workshop

    Fine workmanship and craftsmanship come to the fore in this section, which creates the upper surface of the shoes by carefully sewing the leather pieces prepared in our cutting workshop. By sewing with carefully selected threads, leather parts are combined with fine calculations and the inner and outer parts of the shoe come out. These uppers, which are carefully prepared by our masters who are aware of the importance of their work, constitute the most important part of a quality shoe.

  • Upper and Base Assembly Line

    Comfort and foot health come to the fore in our soles that are preferred in line with R&D studies. We are aware of the importance of soles in our shoes prepared with the awareness that feet carry all the fatigue of human beings. Our uppers, carefully prepared by our masters in the upper workshop, and our carefully selected soles combine on our assembly line to create the perfect harmony. We choose the adhesive materials used in our assembly line, where joining techniques such as nails are not used, from materials that do not affect human health. In addition, parts such as shoelaces, labels, accessories that complete the shoes are assembled.

  • Quality Control and Packaging Line
    In the last part of our production line, we check our ready-to-wear shoes for any manufacturing defects, deficiencies or material deformation. We believe that our shoes displayed in the showcases should demonstrate our quality at the highest level. We pack our products, which we are ready to send to our customers, in boxes prepared in line with the requests, together with their labels. Our products are on their way to be delivered after the product quality control is performed by national and international inspection companies for our customers who desire.